DRM REV Doctoring Rewinding Machine - Reversible

The DRM REV is a reversible coil rewinding machine which after running in one direction, can be reversed to restore the salvaged reel to its original direction at speeds of upto 500 m/min. The need to unload and reload the coil as in the case of unidirectional machines no longer remains, allowing the user to rewind more reels with minimum effort in a given time. Besides restoring the reel direction, the reversible feature is also used intermittently to reduce the doctoring time for reels telescoped only in part and the removal of material with print defects to obtain a defect free roll for onward supply to the customer.

Cantilevered construction
Reversible operation with edge guiding in both directions
Can be interfaced with a defect detection system, ink jet printer
Possibility of value added functions such as edge trimming extraction, inspection through stroboscope and splice table
Speeds upto 500 m/min

Specifications of DRM REV

Maximum web width 400 mm (600 mm)
Maximum unwind diameter 400 mm (600 mm)
Unwind core inner diameter 76 mm (76 mm and 152 mm/ 70 mm)
Maximum rewind diameter 400 mm (600 mm)
Rewind core inner diameter 76 mm (76 mm and 152 mm/ 70 mm)
Machine speed 500 m /min
Materials handled Plastic films, flexible packaging laminates, Paper and Aluminum foil based laminates

Possibility of Optional Features

Edge trimming section for single coil slitting jobs
Splice table for registered joints
Stroboscope for inspection
Interchangeable air shafts suited to 152 mm/ 70 mm ID core