Material handling solutions & Change Over Mechanisms for SP ULTRAFLEX Slitter Rewinders

SP ULTRAFLEX employs a number of well-engineered material handling solutions to mechanize the changeovers at the unwind, rewind and cutting section. Due to operational factors discussed below, the time spent in these changeovers as a percentage of the total run time is especially high in the case of duplex slitter rewinders where it is well over fifty percent. Besides a direct reduction in this time, mechanization in these areas also keeps operator fatigue low and ensures uniform output levels throughout the shift.

With machines running at speeds upto 800 m/min, the frequency of reel changeovers is very high, particularly in the case of rewind changeovers since the diameters are relatively small. The multiple reels produced at the rewind section further increase the time and effort required to conduct rewind changeovers.

The frequency of rewind changeovers in case of thicker substrates and small rewind diameters can sometimes exceed ten changeovers per hour, tiring the operator physically and mentally and reducing his efficiency, alertness and judgment. All of which result in less than forecasted output levels.

The integrated material handling solutions offered for the unwind, rewind and cutting sections reduce the time and effort required to effect the respective changeovers and get the most out of man and machine.

Material handling solutions

Electromechanical Unwind Floor Lift

On its versions PRIMASLIT, ULTRASLIT® and ROBOSLIT®, SP ULTRAFLEX provides as standard electro- mechanical floor lifting unwind arms which move down vertically to lift the new unwind reel off the floor. The vertical movement of this unit affords a better positioning convenience that the pivoted motion of most contemporary floor lifting mechanisms. The use of a motor for this activity also makes the machine free from hydraulics, thus ensuring compliance with the food and drug safety standards specified for secondary packaging.

Off Loading Options for Rewind Reels

A pneumatically operated swivel arms off loader to receive the finished reels is standard with all versions. For further automation, the combination of a motorised ejector for reel displacement and a multi axis off loader transports the finished reels from the machine to the floor w a single command.

The off loader consists of horizontal arms mounted on an upright pillar. These arms, after receiving the finished reels, swivel away from the machine, index by 180° to rotate the reels from vertical to horizontal condition and finally lower them to the floor or pallet level.

Trim Rewinder Unit

Instead of being accumulated in a trim collection cage, the edge trims are traverse wound onto a shaft, producing compact reels which are periodically emptied and stored for further treatment or disposal.

Change Over Mechanisms

Splice Table

Splice table at the unwind to make secure, in register joints

Top & Bottom Cutter Shaft

In the cutting section, a cantilevered construction of the bottom shaft and a swivel arrangement of the top shaft reduce drastically the time and effort required to change between slit modes, as also for replacing worn cutters.

Robotic Cutter Positioning

For further automation, the machine can be equipped with a Robotic cutter positioning system which picks and positions each cutter at it’s intended location, bringing down the cutter set up time to under 5 minutes.

Core Positioning

While laser assisted core positioning is a standard feature on all versions, a robotic core positioning system can be incorporated for fully automatic pick and place positioning of rewind cores on the differential rewind shafts.