ULTRASLIT® OHP Duplex Slitter Rewinder – Over Head Path

The ULTRASLIT® OHP (Over Head Path) Duplex Slitter Rewinder offers the best layout for a hygienic work environment, especially indicated for pharmaceutical and food industries. The overhead path also offers an easier web passage, better all-round access and good visibility of key areas of the machine while it runs at its rated speed of 700 m/min.

Floor lifting unwind separated by a bridge
Hygienic work environment due to overhead path
Excellent visibility and access to the cutting section
Pneumatic swivel arm off loader
Highly versatile & productive
Speeds upto 700 m/min

Specifications of ULTRASLIT® OHP

Position , type of unwind Separate
Maximum web width 1300 mm (1650 mm)
Maximum unwind diameter 1000 mm (1200 mm)
Unwind core inner diameter 76 mm and 152 mm
Maximum rewind diameter 600 mm (800 mm)
Rewind core inner diameter 76 mm (152 mm/70 mm on request)
Minimum slit width 50 mm (25 mm)
Maximum machine speed 700 m/min
Materials handled Plastic films, flexible packaging laminates
(Paper and Aluminum foil based laminates on request)

Standard Features

Unwind Shaftless with motorised self centering
Unwind reel loading Electro mechanical unwind floor lift
Unwind reel rotation Bi-directional
Unwind tension control Servo motor and load cell feedback
Web guide equipment Digital line guide with a motorized actuator
Slitting technique Standard- pneumatically actuated Razor in groove, razor in air,
On request- pneumatically actuated, tangential, spacer less rotary cutting mode for paper
Trim removal Standard- ventury blower, rigid air duct with traversable trim pick up points
On request - trim rewinder
Rewinding technique Differential rewinding through slippage of ball locks controlled through diameter feedback influenced by an adjustable taper
Lay on assembly "S" wrap, pneumatically pressured
Slit reel displacement Standard- by pneumatic retraction of horizontal sliding door and manual push; release of reels aided by slow reverse rotation of shafts
On request- motorized ejection of reels
Off loader type Pneumatically operated swivel arms
On request- one touch off loader to transport the ejected reels to floor/ pallet level
Drive 3 nos. vector controlled servo motors for unwind, main and rewind sections
Machine stop conditions Rewind diameter / unwind diameter / meterage counter / manual intervention / emergency
Rewind core positioning Laser assisted for upto 10 cores
Static management Elimination through use of active ionizing bars with HVAC power source for each rewind section
Operator interface Touch screen HMI- rewind and unwind ends

Possibility of Optional Features

Shear cutting mode – tangential, for paper and aluminum foil based laminates
Electromechanical, linear floor lift for unwind reels
Splice table at unwind for registered joints
Rewinding on 152 mm/ 70 mm ID rewind cores
Motorized ejector for displacing the rewind reels on to the off loader
One touch off loader to transport the ejected reels to floor/ pallet level
Trim winding unit for the compact accumulation of trim waste
Increased diameter capabilities at unwind and rewind

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