What Differentiates Us?

Leadership through Focus

Un-diverted focus and specialization in Slitting and rewinding technology, combined with an attention to detail and continuous innovations gives a clear leadership status to the company.

Gainful Implementation of Technology

The company firmly believes that Implementation of new technology should be with a view to empower and not overpower the user. The interface of the new technology with the user needs to be intuitive and not restrictive or else the very purpose of such upgrade is defeated.

Comprehensive Range

Recognizing the diversity in applications, the manufacturing program consists of several versions, thoughtfully differentiated in construction and/or to respond to specific needs and applications. Along with a choice of value added optional upgrades, this comprehensive range enables SP ULTRAFLEX to fulfil virtually all the requirements of the flexible packaging and converting industry for slitting and rewinding.


We work closely with reputable industry partners and specialists, enabling the customer to benefit from our core strength and from the specialty and experience of our associates at the same time.

Indigenous Approach

Nothing can guarantee mediocrity more than going down the beaten track set by peers. Question what you see, challenge an age old practice, explore. Thinking out of the box and innovating is a way of life for the core technical team at SP ULTRAFLEX.

Close Interaction with Customers

An attentive ear to the customer's needs enriches the knowledge bank of a supplier and timely response by way of providing optimum solutions paves the way for revolutionary innovations and excellent customer relations, both at the same time.

Customer Focus & 'Service Before Sales'

Having built up an enviable base of repeat customers, many with more than five installations, a good percentage of SP ULTRAFLEX'S business is attendant to the capacity expansions of existing customers. Hence the concept of 'Service before sales' as opposed to 'After sales service'. The simple premise being that prompt and efficient service in the form of support or essential spares not only results in repeat orders, but also new ones through the spread of good references.

Health Check-ups

We understand that customers face the challenge of ensuring maximum machine availability and keeping repairs to a minimum – a demand that is usually hard to satisfy.

Our health check-up policy as a courtesy gesture helps our customers to attain this goal. Periodic visits to monitor the machine condition by our experts and pick up any patterns that indicate a possible fault allows the onset of a stoppage to be recognized early and corrective measures to be planned in the most effective way. It also means unplanned downtimes can be avoided and resources can be employed more effectively. Our learning system uses information on past problems to predict future events.